The pages included in this document section provide each homeowner information on the STEP Associations policies, procedures, agreements and the annual operating materials. Below we provide an overview of the types of documents and informational material you will find in the subsequent pages.

Documents Overview

Articles of Incorporation
This section contains the Canterwood Division 12 STEP Association Articles of Incorporation and any amendments of record. These establish the governance foundation for the community.

CC&Rs and Amendments
All HOA communities are governed by Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs). The CC&Rs and any amendments of record are contained here.

HOAs further define their operational norms with Bylaws. Articles of Incorporation, CC&Rs and Bylaws all relate to the day to day operations within the HOA governance structure.

Policies and Operational Principles
The Articles of Incorporation and the CC&Rs have language which can be broadly worded and may not provide the detail required to implement standards of community practice in a consistent manner. HOA policies or operational principles are posted here.

Agreements (Operating)
Agreements between the Division 12 STEP Association and organizations that the STEP Association relies on to ensure service to the community.

Meeting Minutes (and Presentations)
The HOA Board is required by Washington Administrative Code to hold at least one community meeting annually. Minutes from those meetings are presented here.

Board of Directors’ Minutes
The HOA Board of Directors meets throughout the year to discuss and resolve community issues. The minutes from those meetings are presented here in final form.

Community meetings may be facilitated with presentation materials.
Presentations will be available here after the meetings have occurred and will
be posted here.

Monthly and Annual Financial Reports
This section contains the Division 12 STEP Association financials.

City of Gig Harbor
Sewer Billings
This section presents the sewer bills the Division 12 STEP Association receives from the City of Gig Harbor.

Reserve Fund Studies
The Division 12 STEP Association must maintain a reserve fund to provide for the payment of major maintenance, repair, and replacement of life limited equipment in the STEP system. Annual summaries of the HOA reserve fund status are presented here along with fund requirements for the next 5 years.

Reserve Fund Forecast
The HOA conducts Reserve Account Forecast from time to time as required by the Washington Administrative Code. HOA Reserve Account Forecasts can be found here.

STEP System Drawings “As-Built” drawings are developed and required as a part of development projects. You can find Division 12 infrastructure drawings here. It should be noted that “as builts” routinely do not reflect what is actually present on the ground at the finest scale and we have found there to be some inaccuracies in these drawings.